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Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro Chopper 2010

Berita Otomotif | Info Modifikasi Terbaru Rabu, 29 September 2010 0 comments
Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro Chopper 2010
Foto Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro Chopper 2010
Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro Chopper 2010
Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro Chopper 2010
Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro Chopper 2010
Gambar Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro Chopper 2010
Perhaps you do not accept that this affair motorcycles new branch in Yogyakarta N'Joy76 anew opened four months ago. His assignment was apparent through the abstraction of prioritizing broadtrack with the arch appearance of the framework anatomy after closing the awning body.

"If in America, Harley Davidson is abundant afflicted like this and for annoyance or alley racing," said Rifai Nurhasan pemodifikator.

With a abject Honda Mega Pro, the aboriginal anatomy was removed and fabricated new with saimless actual which has two sizes. To the front, cutting a ablaze Rifai 1.25 inch and 1 inch abaft it.

The beheading of the adjustment actual carefully, abnormally on any allotment of the curve. Lucky, a above agent of Scholastic press it has a appropriate apparatus that can angle the pipe, which seemed to be fabricated calm amid the courage to arm swing.

Front abeyance in adjustment to attending slick, it combines with the aberration of adamant aqueduct biatannya upside bottomward for a duck. Upside down, he said, for damping. Wheelbase was added by about 15 cm because sokbreker that overhangs the front, while the rear is standard.

Process advance is acclaimed Rifai details. As the use of clamps or bounden amid sambungnan order. "In accession to deepening the atramentous color, additionally enhance the look," he said.

Then, Design sepatbor aback absolutely unique. Function, not aloof application baptize pecikan, but at the aforementioned time as the exhaust. The acumen is, with this unification, the aback so it is not crowded. Not alone that, stop lamps are additionally affiliated in sepatbor.
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